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Welcome to Rostrum’s Christmas and New Year issue 2020

In these unique times we wish all readers a

Peaceful Christmas and a Healthy New Year.


Thank you to all our advertisers whose support means we can deliver the magazine free to each home in the village ten times a year.  This year, because of the first total national lockdown, we were not able to print for three months.  We have therefore carried forward all our advertisers copy until April 2021. 

Thank you to all our area distributors for their help in efficiently distributing the magazines throughout the village



Parish Council Meeting via Zoom

7.30pm Tuesday 1st December

Community Fridge in the village hall 10.30-12.30

Fridays 4th, 11th and 18th Tuesdays 22nd and 29th


Parish Council Meeting via Zoom

7.30pm Tuesday 5th January

Community Fridge in the village hall 10.30-12.30

Fridays 8th, 15th,  22nd and 29th  



Wateringbury Village Hall has had to close its doors once again.  Other than the Community Fridge, we are not able to have any of our regular hall users.  To help with our finances, we are holding a Prize Draw.  We have a luxury John Lewis Christmas Hamper up for grabs, worth £200, and full of goodies to make Christmas that little bit better. The draw will be held on Friday 18th December, and the Luxury Prize Hamper will be delivered by hand to the winning ticket holder.

An assortment of sweet and savoury snacks to be enjoyed in great company. It includes red and white wines, mince pies, boozy Christmas pudding and a box of 12 crackers. Presented in an open wicker basket to use again and again for summer picnics.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the link below, and are priced at £5 for 1 entry, or £10 for 3 entries.

External link opens in new tab or window

All funds raised go directly to the upkeep of the Hall, which is a registered charity. Thank you for your support.  Village Hall Trustees.



Please let us have your news and tributes by 17 January for our February magazine.  Entries are free.


            RIP  We were shocked to hear of the sudden and unexpected death of Alan Burbridge at the end of September at 81.  Alan had lived in Wateringbury for around 46 years with his wife Diana and sons David and Andrew and had worked locally in fruit growing all his life.  His family is grateful for the many messages of sympathy and support they have received

            Thank You to Trisha Ward for volunteering to distribute Rostrum in Pizienwell.


            Sincere thanks to Ted Bates who is retiring   after more than 25 years   as Rostrum’s Hon Treasurer and welcome to Terry Bird who has agreed to take on the role.


            “I would like to send a very big thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes and remembered me in their prayers.  I am making a steady recovery from a triple heart bypass and hope to be back to full health soon.  Thank you so much   Regards Penny ex postmistress at Wateringbury Post Office.  xx” (Penny also celebrated a milestone birthday while in hospital – so belated congratulations from Rostrum)


            Many Congratulations to the Friends of Wateringbury members who have been awarded the Kent Association of Local Councils Community Shield for their hard work doing all those tasks and little jobs around the village which make life so much more pleasant for us all.



            Despite these difficult and uncertain times, on behalf of the Parish Council  the Chairman Michael Wells and the Clerk Sue Cockburn wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and a Healthy 2021.


            After this strange and very difficult year, we are reassured to know that Wateringbury Church continues at the heart of the community.  As you know, we are still without a Rector, but the good news is that Rev’d Gary Townsend has been appointed, and will take up his post as Rector of the Benefice of Mereworth, Wateringbury and West Peckham towards the end of January – Covid-19 permitting.  We look forward to welcoming Gary, his wife, Sharon, and daughters Evie and Maybelle.  In the meantime we are grateful for the wonderful team who ensure that church life continues, and for the support of Rev’d Jim Brown, and Canon Liz Walker. 

            Thank you to everyone for their support, and we wish you all a peaceful and safe Christmas, and a very much happier year in 2021.

Peter Bond and Liz Gummer -  Churchwardens





November 2020 marks the Centenary of the founding of Wateringbury Women’s Institute. The current Institute which includes members from surrounding villages had planned to hold a special celebration. This is, of course, now postponed. Part of the proposed celebration was the planting of a commemorative tree. Thankfully, this has happened and a fine sapling Oak has now been planted at the North end of the playing fields. A plaque will follow. Thanks are due to Kathy Coates who has been responsible for the project and will oversee its care.

The Wateringbury and Nettlestead Women’s Institute was formed in November 1920. These few entries from the archives give a brief idea of some of the group’s activities over the years.

In 1928 the Institute decided to buy a gramophone for group use rather than a piano. The budget was £10. They also donated funds to support distressed miners.

In 1939 it was noted that many members were now knitting ‘comforts for our brothers at the front now defending us either by sea, land or air.’

In 1941 the AGM minutes describe how the focus of the year had been the execution of the jam making scheme entrusted to W.I.s by the government.

In 1951 the Institute agreed to forego their own Christmas Party and provide one for the aged men and women of the two villages.

In 1965 a baby sitting group for members was set up at a cost of one shilling per hour. They also ‘adopted’ a patient at Oakwood Hospital who would receive cards and gifts at Easter and Christmas.

In 1971 it was agreed that funds would be raised for the Wateringbury Playground Committee.

In 1980 to mark its 60th anniversary the WI presented the village with its sign at the Cross Roads which it had designed and made.

In 1984 Wateringbury and Nettlestead W.I. won the District Darts Competition and would hold the shield for one year.

In 1992 speakers to meetings included Mrs V Harris on The History of Maidstone Zoo, Mrs Inga Meyer on Banks in General and Barclays in Particular and Mr Bob Ogley on In the Wake of The Hurricane.

In 2000 Mrs Wiltshire from Farleigh visited to report on her attendance at the National AGM at the Albert Hall.

In 2012 A reminder that Women’s Institutes Resolutions are concerned with national issues. After discussion and a vote it was decided to adopt the Resolution calling for increased investment in Midwives.

2020 Our 100th birthday.  Sadly, this year our activities have been curtailed but we hope to meet again in 2021. We can then welcome members from Wateringbury, Nettlestead, Teston and Barming to celebrate the Centenary and resume normal meetings. 

Season’s Greetings to all members and Rostrum Readers.



          Hello!  Well it’s been a wild few months for the Scout Group, we had lockdown in the spring which scuppered our plans for spring camps: (but we turned to Zoom to have online meetings, we turned parents houses upside down with scavenger hunts, made arm pit fudge, Nutella ice cream

(I may have used half a jar!) parachuting spoons, arts and crafts, escape rooms and even a talent show!

          Then we were allowed to resume meetings and we went crazy over the fields, did hikes, went on scavenger hunts, played Frisbee and caught up with mates we’ve hadn’t seen for a while. Sadly, we still aren’t allowed to camp so all summer camps were cancelled which made for a very sad summer for scouting, especially the Explorers who planned to visit the Azores.

          Now we are in lockdown again, we have had to cancel the Remembrance Parade, the only time that has happened since the end of the Wars, I believe. But Carolyn Peal and myself laid wreaths on behalf of the Guides and Scouts to allow the youth movements to show their respects.

          I wondered how the lockdown affected our members and Explorer Scout, Eva Mitchell has summed it up perfectly...

Remembrance Sunday – thoughts from a Wateringbury Explorer Scout

          “It is November 8th 10:30am; I would usually be in church having just paraded with the Scouts for Remembrance Sunday. This is what I have proudly done for the last 10 years and it would have been my final one in Explorer uniform. Over the years it has really made me think about where I live and our community; reflecting on what would have been the same and what would have changed in Wateringbury during the wars. When the names of the fallen are read out during the church service, I always hope that those men had the same sense of belonging that I feel with the village. Although Covid-19 has stopped us from publicly displaying our respect this year, I still feel very glad I live in a place with such a strong sense of community, even when we cannot physically be together”.

Stay safe.  Nick Keates, Group Scout Leader  Wateringbury Scout Group



            We have been meeting via Zoom with members. November saw us have a Christmas demonstration by our Chairman, Iris Shaw, who is an Area demonstrator.   December will be a presentation by Jenny Nye with members over Zoom as we will be unable to have our usual Christmas dinner out. Jenny who is a long-time member of Wateringbury and Chairman of Sevenoaks club will, no doubt, give us a lovely demonstration. January will bring us another online demonstration; no details are yet to hand, but you can always keep abreast of the programme from our website External link opens in new tab or 

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year and let’s hope 2021 will bring us better things.       Jean Schofield



            Since coming back to school after the half-term break, we have been a hive of activity! Year 3 visited Horton Kirby Environmental Centre to learn about rivers. They investigated the flow of the River Darent by releasing rubber ducks and timing how long they took to travel 10 metres.  All ducks were successfully caught at the other end! Then they created their own rivers and studied how walls and weirs can help to prevent flooding. They followed the journey of the River Darent from its source, as a tiny spring, all the way to its end, where the river joins the Thames. Not only have the practical activities taught the class all about erosion, transportation and deposition, but everybody (children and adults alike) thoroughly enjoyed the day. 

            We came together outside for Armistice Day on 11th November. Three of our Year 6 pupils delivered ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae with wonderful expression and solemnity and a Year 5 pupil sounded The Last Post on his cornet and marked the end of our two-minute silence. Foundation governor, Kate Millar, also spoke to us about the importance of the day before sharing a prayer. The service was short but allowed us to be together, albeit briefly, to remember those who sacrificed so much for us.

            We are busily planning our Christmas celebrations which will look a little different this year. We are hoping to capture the magic and significance of this time in as safe a way possible. Being in school at this time of year is always wonderful and I know that the wonderful staff and children will make this year special, which I think you will all agree is completely necessary this year.           On behalf of all the staff, governors and children, I would like to wish you all a happy and safe festive period.

Anneka Osborne – Acting Head



            This term the children will also be making their own Christmas tree decorations using natural resources, and decorating our pre-school tree (unsupervised!!),   Unfortunately, it is looking unlikely that we will be able to visit Teston Church this Christmas which is such a shame for the children, but we are hopeful that we will be able to visit them sometime in the spring.  Due to Government guidelines we are also unable to perform our biggest fundraiser of the year, our well attended children’s Christmas concert in the normal way.  We have therefore decided to record our concert this year at the pre-school within our safe bubbles for all our families to enjoy at home. We are very fortunate that one of our Grandmas, Jill Manktelow, has again offered to supply us with one of her delightful Christmas cakes for us to raffle off in our Christmas raffle.  We would like to thank everyone for their continued support.           


            On behalf of all the staff and children, we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas.  We will return on Monday 4th January 2021.   If you are interested in joining our preschool please contact Tina Driver on 07805 796353 or email on External link opens in new tab or



        Last month I was so positive and confident that we would be able to finally meet indoors again after half term and then came lockdown part two!  We did manage to get together with ten of the girls on Friday afternoon of half term week and we played a wide game by the stream with lots of water and imagination. I’m not sure we planned for water inside the wellies, but those who had wet feet didn’t seem to mind even though it wasn’t that warm.

Since half term we’ve been back on Zoom again. We had a quiz evening, made lava lamps with varying success and took part in Guiding’s “Act your Age” challenges for Children in Need completing 11 of each item as that is about the average age of the girls in the unit.  We decided not to include the leaders’ ages in the calculation as that would have meant a lot more hard work for everyone and while 11 star jumps and sits ups were manageable for most, it was enough!

        We have planned a birthday party for one of the leaders, have some meditation and mindfulness activities, and will be decorating and upcycling tin cans and t-shirts.  While we do not expect to be allowed to meet face to face immediately after lockdown we are hopeful that we can organise something outside for our last meeting before Christmas. 

Sheena, Emily and Hayleigh   1st Wateringbury Guides  



        There are no recent Footpath Group walks to report this time. The increased restrictions announced on 31 October meant that two Group walks arranged for early November were cancelled.  By keeping the group size to no more than six people we had been within the previous restrictions, but the new rules meant anybody was only allowed to walk with one adult from another household.  So, no group walks for a while.  It was a pity to cancel, especially as the days on which I’d arranged walks turned out to be mild and dry.

        Our footpaths have been mainly in good condition this autumn and, by being lucky and picking the day and time for my walks, I have managed to dodge the rain.  Walking is good for both physical and mental health and there is often the additional pleasure of exchanging a few words with others who are out and about, especially if they are somebody you know but haven’t bumped into for months.  I’m planning to re-start group walks when they are permitted.  If I haven’t already got your contact details, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll be in touch when I can organise Footpath Group walks again.    Lisa Dean     077 5953 9032



        Sharon and I have been married for 26 years and we have two daughters, Evie, at university and Maybelle, at 6th form. We have a fluffy, deaf, three-legged Jack Russell called Patch who we got from Viking Oak three years ago. I've served as vicar for ten and a half years in North Essex and before that I did 6 years as Assistant Curate in Tonbridge and 4 years before that on the Isle of Sheppey.       My home town is Gravesend and Sharon and I have family there. After leaving school I spent ten years working mainly in the chemical industry as a laboratory technician until, after being made redundant for the third time, I felt God was calling me to give up my white lab coat and swap it for a white dog collar. I've always been a Christian but I felt a particular call to take up my faith with real conviction when I was 13 years old and I've been a committed and active disciple of Jesus ever since.

        My hobbies are: playing the classical guitar, reading, growing vegetables and natural history. Sharon used to be a dance teacher and she still does a bit of this where she can.

        I am looking forward very much to moving in mid-January and starting my work in Wateringbury, West Peckham and Mereworth at the beginning of February. I do hope Government guidelines will allow me to get out and about and meet as many people as I can. My plan is to spend my first year with you 'getting to know and getting known.'   I look forward to seeing you.

God bless.


In our Sorrows – From the Church Registers


10th May - Interment of ashes of Richard Dunn

1st July - Funeral and cremation of Richard Smith

4th June - Funeral of James Malcolm Beaney

30th October - Funeral of Rosemary Beaney



A ‘do something different’ seasonal celebration

          It’s one thing to tell children that they had better be good if they want Santa to bring them presents, quite another to say you had better be good or Christmas will get cancelled altogether! But it does feel a bit like that is the deal we are being offered from Her Majesty’s Government in terms of trying to keep in place these special measures to reduce the spread of COVID19.

        As for the Nativity, I am not sure the shepherds ought to be coming into the village from the hills but I suppose the Angels at least can sing, as long as they remain at a safe distance and outside in the night air. Goodness knows if the Holy family will be allowed to move their bubble from Nazareth to Bethlehem, but I hope they are able to safely escape to Egypt and not get tracked and traced by the authorities. As for the three wise men, they will have to go into quarantine for sure and might not make it out in time for Epiphany.

        We shall just have to make the best of our seasonal celebrations. In our household we are contemplating doing something different this Christmas. We plan to experiment with a non-traditional festive dinner, but we have not yet decided what that will be! Here are some possibilities from around the world:

·      Argentinians: Roast suckling pig, mince pie, and vitel toné (sliced veal with creamy tuna-mayonnaise sauce)

·      Australia: seasonal summer foods: Salads, roast chicken, fresh-fruit-topped Pavlova.

·      Colombia: traditional buñuelos - fried balls of queso fresco (fresh white cheese) and corn flour.

·      The Czech Republic: fried carp and potato salad is popular.

·      How about Finland: a rutabaga casserole, a beet salad, and the star, a baked ham.

·      India: kuswar, Christmas sweets such as kidiyo (deep fried dough balls coated in icing sugar).

·      Southern Italy have the “Feast of the Seven Fishes,” La Vigilia: Octopus, anchovies, salt cod, and clams are among the common ingredients, but the most traditional ingredient is capitone (eel).


        What do you think? I’m not sure about the eel myself, but whether you fancy making a change or sticking to a traditional pattern, I wish you warmth, good cheer and plenty of love this Christmas.     Bob  (Bowie)



December 2020 and January 2021

SJB Church web site: External link opens in new tab or

Church Face Book Page:      External link opens in new tab or

Friends of SJB Church         web site External link opens in new tab or


On line worship at External link opens in new tab or window

Previous services are also available on this site

Generally on-line worship last for about 20 minutes


As Rostrum goes to press it is not certain if Covid Regulations will allow for services to be held in churches.  Please check church notice boards in the village or on-line for the latest guidelines.  All Sunday Services if in church will be at 10am.  It is essential to notify your intention to attend Sunday Worship by 2pm on Saturday so safe distancing can be organised

External link opens in new tab or  /  01622 813852 when the up-to-date current protocol will be given to you.



6th   if in church Communion with Canon Liz Walker

        Online worship with reflection by Canon Liz

13th  if in church and on-line

        Nine Lessons, Carol tunes and prayer

20th  if in church All age worship with Christingle theme

        (bring your own to service if you wish)

        Online with make your own Christingle

Christmas Day  if in church Family Communion with Canon Liz

        Online Christmas Day reflection by Canon Liz

27th  No services planned either in church or online



3rd   if in church Communion with Canon Liz Walker

        Online worship with reflection by Canon Liz

10th  if in church and on-line

        Epiphany Praise with Barry Fisher

17th  if in church All age worship

        Online with Worship Team

24th if in church Communion with Rev Jim Brown

        Online reflection by Rev Jim 

31st Benefice Service details awaited


Saturday 30th 2pm Induction of Rev Gary Townsend as Rector of Mereworth, Wateringbury and West Peckham  Details awaited from the Diocese on venue and permitted format.




                November was a busy month for meetings – 4 per week on average!    

          The Government White Paper on planning has been discussed at length, and a robust letter was sent to Robert Jenrick, Housing Minister, urging him to reconsider the proposals as it was felt that a Borough such as TMBC was being penalised for consistently meeting our housing targets.  Other representations have been made in Parliament by our MP, Tom Tugendhat, too.  Our local plan has also been suspended whilst the Planning Inspectorate investigate and seek clarity on some specific details.  This is a shame, as this hiatus allows speculative developers to try their luck and get in planning applications that cannot legally be refused under planning law, as there is no Local Plan in place.

          The recycling services contract has improved significantly this autumn.  Our recycling rates are now at 57%, much higher than anticipated, and in part due to the changing habits that lockdown has created in our lives.  The increase in waste thrown out is 28% more black bin waste, 28% more green bin recycling, 45% more card and paper, and lastly 13% more food waste.

          The Community Fridge has been busy during lockdown2, with over 60 families benefitting from some fantastic choices of fresh food.  We were lucky enough to have received a donation of £333.33 from Waitrose Paddock Wood which has been spent on purchasing additional fresh vegetables and eggs for each session.  As luck would have it, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on a Friday this year, so the Fridge is open in December/January on the following dates: Fridays up to and including Friday 18th December 2020,

Tuesday 22nd December, Tuesday 29th December,

Friday 8th January 2021, and then Fridays thereafter.

          The phone box library is now in place and is having the finishing touches made, such as shelving.  Everyone is welcome to take some books out.  But when you return them, they need to be left in the letter box next to it.  Under Covid-19 rules, the books need to remain out of circulation for 72 hours.

          I would like to thank Mike Williams and the Friends of Wateringbury who give of their time so generously, the trustees of the Village Hall, and David Merry and the team from Speedwatch.  These are all volunteer community groups who help keep our village safe and tidy.

          I am sure, like me, you can’t wait for 2020 to be over, so I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a peaceful positive New Year! Roll on 2021!! 

Best Wishes, Sarah



          I try and make sure my columns are as topical as possible, knowing that by the time you read this it may be a week or two after I’ve written.

In today’s world, news and restrictions change so fast that I cannot be sure that everything I say here will still be the case when you read this!

As I write we are just a few days into our new national restrictions, limiting where we can go and who we can see. This is a tricky time for so many and I am grateful for all the hard work everyone is doing to help those in need.

The decision to ask us to follow these restrictions wasn’t one the Government took lightly. In fact we had much fewer cases across Tonbridge and Malling than many other parts of the country. However, there was a worrying increase across our community in the past few weeks. In Tonbridge and Malling Borough, the rate of infection grew from 28.8 cases per 100,000 people at the start of October, to 91.6 at the end of the month. There was no evidence this was decreasing, so clearly something had to be done.

That’s why I, very reluctantly, supported the measures in Parliament, though my concerns about the impact of further restrictions remain and I will be looking for any signs that we can bring this to a close sooner. The promise of a vaccine seems to be closer now than before but we must make sure we get this right.      While our hospitals can cope at the time of writing, there was a concern that if this trend continued, they would not be able to.  But we need more information about the impact of further restrictions on those with existing illnesses. If the restrictions are to be extended, this information needs to be available for us all to see. It is a fine balance to get the restrictions right without causing so much damage to our wellbeing and economy.

          I am here to help anyone affected by the current national restrictions. Whether it is support getting supplies, financial help or simply concerns about the way the virus is being handled, please be in touch. My phone number is 01732 441563 and e-mail address is External link opens in new tab or   I look forward to hearing from you.




             In November our Out of Schools Club children, who attend both  breakfast and after school clubs, celebrated Bonfire Night with hotdogs, hot chocolate and of course some sparklers on Remembrance built structures based on poppies.   By special request in late November the children made slime and had pizza, garlic bread and onion rings for tea!  The preschool children have been thinking about ‘People who help us’; together they made poppy wreaths to hang outside the preschool and the children joined in the 2 minutes silence.

             If you are interested in any of the services the setting offers, please do not hesitate to contact us. 01622 813120, External link opens in new tab or , External link opens in new tab or window





          Friends of Wateringbury Award    The chairman was delighted to announce that the Friends of Wateringbury Village have been awarded the Kent Association of Local Councils Community Shield award for 2019-2020. The council had nominated the Friends in recognition of their work throughout the village to improve the village for us all.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions the presentation of the award is yet to be arranged.

          The new website, External link opens in new tab or, has now gone live.


          Borough Councillor Sarah Hudson reported that in the second national lockdown the village hall was closed for all bookings except for the Village Fridge which is now by appointment only on Friday mornings.  Sarah asked anyone who is suffering financial hardship to contact her and she will arrange a free confidential delivery of items from the community fridge.  Generally a donation of £5 is requested for a bag of groceries.  There are Covid Grant schemes available based on rateable value of property to help small businesses and Sarah is willing to help in completing the claim documents.  She is continuing to collect prescriptions and shopping to help those self-isolating.

          The village hall is now part of the national track and trace QR system and face masks must be worn. 

          Royal British Legion Tommy silhouettes and poppies will be placed in the village to mark 11th November National Remembrance. These will be used each year. 

          The Telephone box which will house the free community library will be arriving by crane on 4th November and will then be fitted with shelves. 

Residents have generously donated a good supply of books.

          Her next project to improve the Borough Council owned village carpark had been delayed by the second lock-down. 

          Along with other Borough Councillors she has arranged for anti-litter posters to be printed and these will be placed at areas with litter problems.


Cemetery   a meeting has been arranged with James Woolley to discuss groundwork improvements


Crime   details of one crime were reported  the theft of a  Suzuki GT4 car from Bow Road.


Speedwatch teams had been out for 17 hours last month and sadly had recorded many high end offenders speeding in the village.


Planning Applications 

          Retrospective permission for a new swimming pool at 15 Upper Mill

Councillors had no comments to offer save that they would leave the decision to T & M planning officers.

Planning (continued)

          External link opens in new tab or windowVariation of condition 11 (operating hours) and 12 (vehicles) submitted pursuant to planning permission TM/09/02696/FL (Change of use from redundant agricultural building to B1 light industrial use. Resubmission of application TM08/03249/FL) at  Lower Green Barn Hermitage Farm Danns Lane Wateringbury Maidstone Kent   The application seeks  to allow  any number of traffic movements from 6am to midnight seven days a week.   Councillors were concerned that lifting the present operating restriction could cause much disruption to residents in the vicinity and was not a reasonable request for a building in a rural setting.


The public are welcome to attend the next meetings of the Parish Council on Tuesdays 1st December and 5th January at 7.30pm via Zoom. Email the parish clerk to gain access details.



            This meeting discussed the budget for the year 2021/22 which Council will need to finalise at its January meeting and set the precept  (community charge) for the coming year.

Cemetery the budget figures remain the same as last year regarding ground maintenance and tree work.  An additional item will be added when costs are known to refurbish the grave of Tom Smith the only soldier from WWI buried in the cemetery.  It was agreed that a plaque would be placed in front of the grave. As he was buried in a family grave the Comonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) did not mark his grave (CWCG maintain the grave of RAF Sgt Kenny Brooks who died in WW2 which is also in the cemetery).

Donations   It was agreed to continue to support local associations as last year.  £2,000 was in the budget.

Drayhorse Meadow lease review   Councillors were pleased with the way the tenant is maintaining the stables and grounds and therefore voted not to increase the annual rent which came up for review in accordance with the terms of the 6 year lease granted on 1 May 2017.

Playing Fields     After discussion the budget for repairs to play equipment was increased in the light of a recent inspection report.  It was also agreed to meet the cost of treating the ragwort and other pernicious weeds.

Street Lighting   It was agreed in principle to pursue the possibility of a grant for the upgrading of the lighting owned by the Parish Council to make them more eco compliant which could also greatly reduce electricity running costs.

Traffic Calming   A further £10,000 would be added next year to allow the council to put in place measures to make the village roads safer once KCC had agreed such measures. 

Approved minutes of the meetings will appear on the Parish Council website in due course.





As the Festive and New Year season approaches, who would have believed what we would experience during 2020. You just could not have imagined the world changing events that occurred. A New Year brings new hope and we can put the dreadful events of 2020 behind us and move forward. Our monthly newsletters have been able to keep our Members / people who travel with us, updated with the ever changing situation with our coach excursions and holidays. Our Team have remained positive and tried to keep everybody looking to the future and that there will better times next year for everyone. Although Christmas this year may be very different, it is our Teams’ intention as soon as it is safe and we are able to, we will be starting our coach outings again. Regardless of whether or not you join us on our adventures, please stay as positive and forward thinking as you can, keep fit and active but safe and healthy at the same time. On behalf of the Teston Tours Team, we would all like to wish your family, friends and yourselves a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Alan Hayes and the Teston Tours Team.

Telephone (01622) 812132. Email