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 4 Wateringbury Village Fete Playing Fields 12.30 - 5pm
 6 Parish Council Meeting Village Hall 7.30pm
11 Footpath Walk Village Hall Car Park 2.30pm
Wateringbury WI Village Hall 2pm
21 History Society Village Hall 7.30pm 24 Summer Fete School 12 - 3pm       

 2 Footpath Walk Village Hall Car Park 2.30pm
Open Garden Crowmarsh House TBA       

Benefice Holiday Club School 10am -Noon         

SUNDAY 4 JUNE 2017  12.30 to 5pm 
 at Wateringbury Playing Fields (off Fields Lane) free entry and free car parking
 Come along and enjoy your village fete - something for everyone  

Don’t forget to bring your fete programme which was with May’s Rostrum – take it along to the fete and enter the £25 cash draw     

Please let us have your news and tributes by 17 June  for our  July/August  magazine.  Entries are free  

 A Film Crew visit by Channel More 4 is scheduled this month to film Yvonne Marks’ amazing White Italian Courtyard Garden at Crowmarsh House, Boorman Mews.  The programme is due for screening in 2018, but you don’t have to wait that long.  Yvonne’s garden will be open under the National Gardens Scheme on Sunday 23 and Monday 24 July.  Admission £3.50. Homemade teas £3.  Parking facilities in the village hall car park - no parking on site.   Visits also by arrangement for groups up to 24 maximum  June to August telephone 01622 434897.   The garden will also be featured in Kent Life July issue. 


Richard Tripp was re-elected as Parish Council Chairman.  There were no volunteers for the position of Vice Chairman.  Absent from the meeting were Michael Cayzer and Simon Jessel.  Margaret Daly was co-opted as a new member onto the Parish Council.       

 KCC Cllr Matthew Balfour advised that funding is available via the Local Enterprise Partnership to investigate what improvements could be made to the crossroads.  The surrounding land is owned by both Kent County and the Parish Council.         

T&MBC Cllr Simon Jessel had sent an e-mail to the Parish Clerk about a report on air quality at Wateringbury crossroads.  Councillors are hoping to meet with the Borough Council to discuss this matter.       

 The following crimes were reported during the month of February: on or near parking area/Maidstone Auto Centre - one violent crime;  on or near Petrol Station - one criminal damage arson;  on or near Bow Terrace - one violent crime.        

The lease has been signed for Drayhorse Meadow and the site is now occupied.  Stables have been updated and the site has been cleared up.  Fencing is to be refurbished and galvanised iron strips on the stable doors will be removed in line with a request from the insurance company.         

Observations had been made of cars crossing red traffic lights at the crossroads.       

 It had been noticed that over-sized lorries had been using Bow Road.  This issue is to be raised in line with the prospective improvements at the crossroads - perhaps signage could be made more obvious to heavy goods drivers to enhance awareness of restrictions.         Road signs near the approach to the bend in the A26 by Pizien Well Road still require attention - with one sign being obscure by vegetation and the other being damaged and no longer facing on-coming traffic.        

Councillors discussed the possibility of a road survey being carried out in the parish.  The pavement on the A26 along to the church is particularly narrow in certain areas.        

 A report was awaited on work to the CCTV system at the village hall.        

There has been no response as yet from the landowner of the cemetery car park to the proposal to replace hedging with a picket-style fence.       

 A letter had been received from the Chairman of the Wateringbury Pear Orchards assuring that the aged iron fence on the side of Bow Road will be removed in due course.  A letter will be sent to the WPO to ask if rubbish and vegetation could be cleared at the same time.        

The overgrown trees near to the village hall need cutting back and a report is awaited to see what work/cost is involved.       

 Damage has been caused to the entrance door of the Post Office by poorly repaired roadwork and subsequent laying water splashing against the building.  Kent Highways is to take up the matter with BT.       

 After lengthy discussions, Councillors agreed that sadly the use of volunteers to undertake work could not be permitted.  At the present time they would continue to use qualified and appropriately insured contractors.  The situation could be reviewed in a further 6 months' time.        

The rail service at Paddock Wood will be affected by revised train services operating from Ashford direct to Tonbridge station.  To make the Ashford to London service faster by requiring the majority of trains to stop at Tonbridge, reducing the number of trains calling at Paddock Wood and other intermediate stations. there is an  online petition regarding this proposal.  Also, a public consultation running until 23 May.         

An artist has applied to use the Engine Shed at Wateringbury Station for business purposes.  He is seeking local support for his application.        

Cllr Frances Fielding had attended a Joint Parishes Flood Group/Environment Agency (EA) meeting.  Properties at risk have now been identified and information has been fed back to the EA.        

A damaged wooden bench in the play area has been repaired. During the public session the following matters were raised:-        

The replacement of the height barrier to the village hall car park is still to be resolved.  The problem of insufficient parking space for vehicles in the village.  A request for the Council to apply pressure to the bus company for improved services was made. During the Planning Committee Meeting the application from the History Society for the installation of commemorative blue plaques was supported by the members with no objections.

Next meeting: Tuesday 6 June at 7.30pm in the Village Hall (upstairs room).


A good turnout for the annual May bluebell walk in the local woods, and we were not disappointed. Our walk took us into Cattering Wood then after crossing Canon Lane we passed the golf course where more flora was in abundance.

Walking to Wisteria Villa we then made our way back to the village hall via Old Road.            
The woodland floor was carpeted in blue. Other wild spring flowers seen included Yellow Rattle, Lesser and Greater Stitchwort, Forget-me-not, Early Purple Orchid, Red Campion and Honesty - also here a pair of Common Lizards basking on a log.                       

 Next walk:

Sunday 11 June for a local river walk. Meet at the village hall at 2:30pm. Please Note: this is on the second Sunday so as not to clash with the village fete.            

July walk:  2 July - meet village for a local walk to North Pole and Livesey Street.
Kevin Reynolds - 01622 813763


This is my first report as Chairman and I wish to place on record my thanks to my predecessor, Michael Cayzer for his contribution to the village and his continuing support.           

 In his last report Michael recorded that three new members had joined the Council - all of whom subsequently resigned. These vacancies have been filled and I am pleased to welcome to the Council, David Marks, Keith Fisher and Frances Fielding. We will soon have three female councillors as all the candidates for the outstanding vacancy are women.            

We are grateful for the important work of Rostrum, led by Christine and Trudy, in recording village life and their continued presence at Council meetings is appreciated. I particularly want to acknowledge their help in publicising my wish to encourage more women to join the council.           

 A major challenge facing the Council comes from the decision of T&MBC to eliminate grants to Parish Councils. For us this means an immediate reduction in income of £12,000 a year with no prospect of this being restored. We will do what we can to reduce the impact on the rates but this means all discretionary payments will be under increasing scrutiny. I am pleased to report an increase of £1,200 pa in our self-generated income through my successful negotiation of a new lease for Drayhorse Meadow.           

 Traffic and the resulting pollution is a major issue for the village and we have made significant progress in putting our position before the relevant authorities. Cllr Michael Wells has fought tirelessly to achieve a speed limit of 40mph on the A26 at Pizien Well Road The new limit is unfortunately advisory only and we will continue our efforts to get it upgraded to “compulsory”. The results from our dedicated village Speedwatch team greatly assisted in preparing our case and we thank them for their continuing commitment to this important work.            

Our County Councillor Mathew Balfour has persuaded KCC Highways to put the Wateringbury crossroads on the list of sites needing urgent attention. He is endeavouring to obtain funding for an early study of the problem and developing alternative solutions for consideration and consultation. A further and more immediate concern however is the issue of drivers, frustrated by the long queues, running red lights at the crossroads.           

 We have continued to oppose further large scale developments in the village. T&MBC have recognised the strength of our arguments and their draft plan “The Way Forward” proposes there be no further significant development in the village for the period to 2031. I know we can look forward to the continued support of our Borough Councillor Simon Jessel to ensure this policy is implemented.          

 The Council would not function without the commitment of its employees; the Clerk to the Council Sue Cockburn and John Ibbs our Village Warden. I wish to record my thanks to them both.   Richard Tripp


Last September, our school building turned 40 years old and we held a celebration party. We also launched a Capital Campaign to raise funds to renovate our library which has water-logged windows and a leaking roof. As the best-selling children’s author Anthony Horowitz said, “You can tell a school instantly by its library….The library is the beating heart of any school and its life and vitality depend on it.” We agree. The library should be the hub of any school. After 9 months of fundraising and a bid submission to the Department for Education, I am delighted to announce that we’ve just about done it! Our £90,000 bid (less 10% due to our Voluntary Aided mandatory contribution) has been approved by the DfE while the business community, parents and children have raised just over £18,000. With the school’s contribution out of our budget, we are now only a few thousand pounds away from our target of £115,000! Thank you to our entire community for the support and enthusiasm generated. We look forward to sharing further details with you as they emerge. 

 Our Year 6 children have completed their SATs exams and were impressively focused and calm. We are proud of what they’ve achieved to prepare for the exams and even prouder of who they are and the kindness, humour and talents they bring to our school. They certainly deserve their week on the Isle of Wight in early June!  

Shanghai/Singapore maths and its impressive impact on children’s mathematical understanding is currently much in the news. We are hosting a maths forum for parents - and anyone interested in the teaching of mathematics - on Tuesday, 27th June from 6:45-7:45pm. 

 We always look forward to meeting our new parents whose children will be starting with us in September and our initial Reception parents’ meeting is on Tuesday 20th June at 7:00pm. Other highlights of the final summer term, which begins on Monday, 5th June, are Sports Day on 29th June and the Summer Fete on 24th June from 12-3pm. All are welcome!   Chasey Crawford Usher – Headteacher   www.wateringbury.kent.sch.uk    


7:  Battle of Messines in Flanders starts with 19 British mines being  exploded.
June 13: German daylight air-raid on London kills 160, inc 18 school  children.     

In May 1917 Lord Devonport, the Minister of Food, exhorted the country as follows: "We must all eat less food and especially we must all eat less bread. The enemy is trying to take away our daily bread. He is sinking our wheat ships. If he succeeds in starving us, our soldiers will have died in vain.     

The Times published an anonymous letter in July 1917 from “One behind the scenes” describing what one parish had achieved.  Previously most children had taken their own dinners to school, which included, on average, 6oz of bread. By setting up a canteen in the school which fed 125 children, 5 days a week, the writer estimated a saving of more than 1½ cwt of flour a week. The letter also noted that, it provided the children with a wholesome change of diet. The unidentified village is Wateringbury, and the letter was written by its vicar, Greville Livett, who devoted considerable energy to a variety of food issues in 1917, including the school dinner canteen project.     

There is a large bundle of papers in Kent archives relating to the school dinner canteen at Wateringbury School, which includes minutes of the meetings of its canteen committee and lists of the many helpers. The canteen benefited from gifts of fruit and vegetables as well as financial donations from people in the village. The Working Men’s Institute provided a large room and Leneys, the brewers, paid the gas bill.    

 The school dinners repeated every 4 weeks: the menu for one week was:         
 Monday:  Brown vegetable soup-Dumplings; Rice Pudding         
 Tuesday:  Cottage Pie; Green peas; Sago Pudding        
  Wednesday:  Scotch Barley Broth; Ginger Pudding-Sweet Sauce        
  Thursday:  Meat and Potato Hash; Peas; Baked Jam Roll        
  Friday:  Fish and Potato Pie; Parsley Sauce; Green Peas; Rice Pudding    

 The Vicar’s letter claims all the children appreciated the food “except one boy, who has not yet learned to like what he calls slops!”     

The Leney board, meeting on 28th June, decided to ration their tenant public houses to “about 50%” of their beer consumption of the previous year. Although bread and beer were in short supply, cherries were not: The Times reported "excellent crops of cherries in Kent this year and very high prices have been paid for fruit on the trees" with 18 acres at Wateringbury fetching £600.    

 The Parish Council met on 26th June and the Chairman read “a letter received from Malling RDC stating that the Local Government Board wished a scheme to be prepared for the erection of Working Class Dwellings immediately after the war. After discussion it was agreed that more cottages chiefly for Agricultural Workers would be needed in the Parish.”  It was premature to be thinking about “Homes for Heroes”, as much more blood was still to be shed by Wateringbury and other villages and towns.
Terry Bird For more details see the web-site of Wateringbury Local History Society. (https://www.sites.google.com/site/wateringburylocalhistory/


Please note
 that our June meeting will be held on Thursday 15th and not the 8th as published when the hall will be used as a Polling Station. 

We will not be having a speaker on the 15th but will be holding a “Games Afternoon”, why not come along and join in some familiar table games as well as one or two new ones.  Meetings start at 2.00pm with WI business matters and end with tea and cakes and the drawing of the raffle. Visitors very welcome.            

Helen Allinson came along in April to give her talk ‘100 years of Toys and Play.'  You may have spotted her in the Kent Messenger recently with some of our members.  An afternoon spent remembering toys we had known in our childhood and those played with by our children.  Helen had brought along a wide selection of toys, some she had inherited, and others collected over the years, many like lead soldiers would be considered too dangerous for children to play with now.  Winners of our monthly competition were first Linda Gower’s teddy, Jenny Cropley’s doll was second and Margaret Fyffe’s 1936 Schuco 3000 metal clockwork car was third.           

 We held our Annual Meeting in May when the election of our officers took place.  Our new President is Joan Wilson, Diana Burbridge remains our Treasurer and Sue Cockburn became our new Secretary.  Elizabeth Astrid, our retiring president, was thanked for her tireless work carried out during her five years in office together with Gillian Sessions who had been our secretary for the last three years.  The afternoon ended with a cup of tea and cakes, during which we placed our bids on the items brought in by members for the Silent Auction.
 For enquiries please contact Elizabeth on 01622 812018 or elizabethastrid@aol.com 


May saw one of Kent's new trainee demonstrators Sian Tribe take to the stage for our entertainment, and we were not disappointed.   Sian's title "The container dictates" really did on this occasion and Sian produced six lovely designs in glorious colours to make the evening go with a bang.  Our club competition with the same title also produced a wealth of entries and they were all something to be proud of, well done everyone. 
This got members in the mood for the area show at Detling on the spring bank holiday weekend and at least 6 members are taking part in this.  I hope they do well.
June is a club outing to the gardens of Maurice Foster at Ivy Hatch and we are all looking forward to this.  If you are interested in attending let the committee know, new members are always welcome as we are having a club show in August called Going Global it will be well worth a visit.  Hope you can join us sometime as a visitor and find some new friends, you might like to join as a new member.

Jean Schofield


We continue this term with our theme ‘people who help us’ and look forward to welcoming a local police officer who will be talking to the children about his job and how he helps people in the community. As usual we have our father’s day activity where all our dads, granddads and uncles are invited in to join their children for a fun craft activity. 

This year they will be decorating a mug inspired by the book cuddly Dudley which we will be reading to the children on the day. Our five hungry caterpillars are now in their cocoons and we are looking forward to meeting our new butterflies in the very near future.  The children are already talking about releasing them in the garden. We have also been busy preparing for our end of year sports day which will be held on Friday 14th July on Teston village green.  The children have been practicing their running, jumping and throwing in the preschool  garden.

 If you are interested in joining our preschool please contact Tina Driver on 07805 796353 and come along for a taster session.  

Come along to the..... TESTON SEWING BEE Teston Village Hall
9am-1pm on 10 June, 8 July and 12 August

If you are interested in sewing, knitting, crochet or embroidery; or have always wanted to learn any of these skills then the group is for you.  Learn to cut patterns, etc .  Take along your sewing machine and be guided in using it.   There is room for 10 sewing machines.  Refreshments provided.   Meet like-minded people in a fun atmosphere.  There is a minimal charge towards the hire of the hall.  Details from  Valerie Sharp - 01622 812948   


Our speaker for the meeting (AGM) to be held on 21 June 2017 is Melanie Gibson-Barton who will be talking about the life and times of Edith Cavell who had a connection with Maidstone.  This is a change to the speaker in our programme.   Our summer outing on Wednesday 19 July 2017 is to Watts Gallery and Artists’ Village and then on to  Loseley House near Guildford.      


After a very busy winter term finishing with our Easter Craft and Easter Bonnet competition, we now move into the spring term. There is lots to look forward to. Our craft sessions will include masks and dinosaur making. The highlight of this term will be our Teddy Bear Hunt and Teddy Bear Picnic. So why not join us for craft, singing and fun. We meet every Wednesday and Friday 10am - 12 noon in the village hall. The cost is £2 for the first child and £1 for every other child (this includes tea/coffee and snacks for the children).   For further information please contact Linda on 01732 522 437     


Our next concert is on 1 July at 7.30pm at St James the Great Church,  East Malling.  We will be performing music from the deep south of America to the deep south of Africa.  The main work to be performed is Feel the Spirit, a collection of 7 spirituals arranged by John Rutter for choir, band and mezzo-soprano soloist. Tickets are £12, concessions £10 and children go free obtainable from boxoffice@eastmallingsingers.co.uk 

 Roll Up, Roll Up, for “The Big Top” Benefice Holiday Club  

This Summer, come and travel back in time, when our Time Machine returns... for a Circus Themed Holiday Club                  
On Monday 14 – Wednesday 16 August, from 10am - 12pm
at Wateringbury Primary School

We will be playing lots of outdoor games and sports, make many different crafts each day, have singing, dancing, face painting,  refreshments and more...              

  The Holiday Club is open to all primary school aged children. Pre-school children are most welcome if a parent or carer stays and joins in the fun too!               

 These days will be led by experienced ‘children and youth workers’ from different local Churches. Last year we had a number of secondary school children who made the most fantastic Young Leaders, we would love that help again if any young person is interested.                

There is no charge for this event and children are welcome to do all 3 days or the odd day(s).  It would just be lovely to see lots of children ready for some summer fun.                

For more information or to book a place (s) please contact Lisa Glasscote on 07950 852899/ e-mail lisaglasscote@gmail.com    

Do come and join us at our fortnightly meetings for tea/coffee, homemade cake, conversation and optional handicrafts.  We will be getting together on Wednesdays 14th and 28th June in the Church from 10.30am to 12.30pm.  For further information call 814673.

Rev Nick Williams father.nick@btinternet.com                     parishofficeemwt@gmail.com                  East Malling     01732 843282             

 Brothers and sisters in Christ,

As many of you will know Thursday the 25th May 2017 is Ascension Day. This is the day, 40 days after the Resurrection, on which the Church remembers Jesus returning to heaven, but not before leaving his disciples with the injunction they should remain in Jerusalem praying and awaiting the coming of the Holy Spirit.  As promised by Jesus some 10 days later the Holy Spirit did indeed descend on the apostles at a very public meeting on the day the Church now knows as Pentecost (sometimes also known as Whitsunday).  You can read the story of both the Ascension and Pentecost in the Bible in Acts 1:1-12 and Acts 2:1-31.            

Ascension Day has been chosen by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, as the day on which Christians of all denominations are invited to join with him in an ecumenical, worldwide, prayer initiative called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, you can find more about it here:  http://www.anglicannews.org/news/2017/02/archbishop-of-canterbury-calls-on-christians-to-join-global-wave-of-prayer.aspx.   Last year over 100,000 people joined this initiative and this year it’s hoped that it will be even bigger.            

 I write to tell you all this because I feel it's important that you know that your local parish Churches are involved in this initiative as well.  Not only have the Churches of East Malling, Teston and Wateringbury undertaken to pray for every street and those who live in them across the three parishes but you may also see groups of people walking our streets and praying quietly in small groups.  If you see such a group then feel free to approach them, and if you wish ask them to pray with you or for you and they will be happy to do so.            

 It’s not just our parishes that are involved in this initiative, all of the local Church of England Churches are involved in some way and different prayer events will be taking place in different Churches from 25th May right through to Pentecost on 4th June.  There will also be events taking place in churches of other denominations.  So please join in, even if you do so in the privacy of your own home and in your own way pray, pray for the people you know, for our streets and at this time of political and social uncertainty pray for our nation.  After all it can’t do any harm can it.

Rev Nick Williams

A huge thank you to all our volunteer collectors and to everyone who donated money as part of Christian Aid Week.  Rostrum is going to press before we have counted the donations, so I will be sure to announce the figure next month!   Becky Bowie  

 The Deanery Confirmation Service will be held at St James the Great, East Malling, on Sunday 1 October at 6pm.  If you wish to be Confirmed, or Baptised and Confirmed, please get in touch with Rev Nick as soon as possible.  If you want your child confirmed and he/she is under 12 (or in years 5/6 at school) then please get in touch with Rev Nick a bit sooner.  The course is normally around 5 weeks, further details later.   Those who were confirmed some time ago and those who wish to have a ‘refresher’ are also welcome to attend, but you can’t be confirmed or baptised a second time.     "I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to be confirmed."   Rev Nick Williams  

God's Big Picture in the Old & New Testament - is a Diocesan course that aims to give an overview of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, which will run for 5 evenings: 8, 15, 22, 29 June and 6 July at St Benedict's Centre, 52 Swan Street, West Malling ME19 6JX.  The course is suitable for beginners and life-long readers of the Bible.  Cost £25.  For further details contact parishofficeemwt@gmail.com.  

St James the Great, East Malling SUMMER FAYRE   
 10 June 2017, 11am - 2pm     in the church
craft stalls, hot-dogs, cream teas, plants, books, cakes     

 BENEFICE SERVICES Visit our website  www.wateringburychurch.org.uk  

 8.30am    Holy Communion - East Malling
 9.45am    Family Service  – East Malling
9.45am    Family Service – Teston
10am       Eucharist – Wateringbury
6pm        Choral Evensong - East Malling

 9.45am    Eucharist - East Malling
9.45am    Children's Church - Teston
10am       Morning Praise  - Wateringbury
6.30pm    Evening Praise - Teston

8.30am    PB Communion - Wateringbury
 9.45am    Eucharist  - East Malling
9.45am    Children's Church - Teston
10am       Family Service - Wateringbury
6.30pm    Eucharist - Teston

9.45am    Morning Praise  – East Malling
9.45am    Children's Church - Teston
10am       Eucharist – Wateringbury
6.30pm    Patronal W/end Eucharist   -

Teston Every Monday – 2-3pm – Scout & Guide HQ, Glebe Meadow – Toddler Praise

 Every Thursday  -  9am in East Malling Church – Holy  Communion

Pilsdon Community, 27 Water Lane, West Malling - Rev Viv Ashworth invites you to the Barn Chapel to join members of the community for a Eucharist Service every Wednesday at noon and 6pm on Sundays

 For baptisms, weddings, funerals and other arrangements  please  contact  the Vicar Rev Nick Williams on 01732 843282 or email  father.nick@btinternet.com For all other enquiries, please contact the Administrator on 01622  815218 or email  parishofficeemwt@gmail.com